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What is a Flipbook?

Well, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a flipbook is officially defined as “a series of illustrations of an animated scene bound together in sequence so that an illusion of movement can be imparted by flipping them rapidly.” Fancy, eh?  Press Play on the video below to see a flip book in action!

Why do I need flipbooks at my event?

Because they are awesome!  Flipbooks are the hottest craze in party entertainment. We have been to countless events, and we can safely say that nothing brings out people’s wild side like acting silly in front of a camera. People just go crazy for it, no matter what age. We provide the perfect atmosphere for fun with our flipbook mobile stations they usually become great social hot spots where people gather around to flip out and party!

So how does this work?

Simple. We come to your event and set up our station. Your guests get in front of our camera and can use props to act out skits or just go wild. The video gets printed in the form of a flipbook, and your guests get a keepsake of their shenanigans!

What’s included?

All our flipbook packages include:

  • 1 Mobile Studio
  • A Flipbook Director to keep things moving smoothly
  • CUSTOM flipbook covers you can help design (or we can brand this out with your logo)
  • PROPS & SIGNS for your guest to get creative with
  • UNLIMITED flipbooks, as fast as we can print ’em!

You can add a Customized Video File of all of your guests Flipbook Videos for as a digital file you can share!

Do you offer any other services with your stations?

YES! For an upgrade fee, we can include:

  • Green Screen Custom Digital Backdrop take your guests anywhere in the world! Click here to learn more
  • Additional Tech to Increase Hourly Volume
  • Custom Prop Package
  • Custom Event Banner

Where do you guys operate?

We generally operate in Southern California but have gone to events outside the area. We offer free delivery within 60 miles one way of Yorba Linda, CA. Anything beyond that, and you will have to call us for arrangements.

Anything else I need to know?

Yes, additional Hours of Service charged per half hour upon availability. All outdoor locations must have prior approval.  Additional outdoor fees may apply.  Additional charges may apply for Early Load-In or Late Load-Out (we generally arrive one hour prior to your service period to setup).


My Flippin Party has attended hundreds of weddings, and nothing beats the entertainment of our flipbook mobile stations. The booths are great for guests of all ages young or old, everyone has fun in our mobile stations! The best part is they keep the flipbook to remember how fun your wedding was! Many of our clients have told us how much fun our mobile stations were at their weddings, and that is was a fantastic wedding entertainment idea.

Birthday Parties

Want a great birthday party idea? Flipbooks! Not only can you act wild, you get a keepsake to remember the birthday party by. Our flipbook mobile stations are great for party entertainment and flip up the party a notch. Kids have a great time, and so do adults! A lot of our clients have made our flipbook mobile stations part of their birthday tradition because they have so much fun each year! Whether you are celebrating a sweet sixteen or your sweet nana’s 70th, get wild with our flipbook mobile stations.

Family Reunions

My Flippin Party prides itself on being a family-oriented company, so trust us to make your family reunion fun and memorable with our flipbook mobile stations. No matter what the occasion  from anniversary parties, holiday parties, or festive celebrations our mobile stations will bring the party to you!

Kid’s Parties

Kids are full of energy and movement the perfect combination for our flipbook mobile stations! All their jumping and arm flailing makes for some entertaining flipbooks! Not to mention kids go absolutely bananas over the chance to act silly and have a flipbook with all their friends.

Bat Mitzvahs and Bar Mitzvahs

This is a big milestones in a young man or woman’s life, so keep the memories with our flipbooks! Your child will love the idea and all their friends can go wild! Not only that, but everyone who participates in the booths gets a party favor to remember this important day of your child’s life.

Grad Night

Grad night is all about fun and making memories, two things our flipbook mobile stations provide! Teens will have an absolute blast acting crazy and silly, creating memories they will cherish forever. A lot of high school graduates will be moving far away from home, and our flipbooks are a keepsake they can take with themselves as one of the most fun nights of their high school lives.

School Dances

Kids spend hours in front of cameras before their Prom, Sadie Hawkins, or Winter Formal dances. But instead of trying to coordinate a large group of kids to stand perfectly still with a fake smile, why not have our flipbook mobile stations make animated photos of the kids actually having fun? A lot of the kids get creative and have little skits something you can’t do with static photography! Make your high school’s dances fun and entertaining with our flipbook mobile stations!

Themed Events

Are you throwing a themed party? PERFECT! Our flipbook mobile stations will go great with your event. Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and other days to dress up and celebrate are always fun!  Give your guests some good times and something to remember your party by with our flipbooks!