Flip photos are great not only for party keepsakes but also for marketing purposes.  Because they are so unique, they are memorable and fun at the same time.

How are Flip Fotos made?

We get a copy of 2 separate photos, and combine them onto one print.  Then, we add a special lens to them so that depending on how you tilt it the print, the image changes.

Can you make these at my party/event?

Absolutely!  All our Flip Foto packages include:

  • 1 Flip Foto Station
  • PROPS & SIGNS for your guest to get creative with
  • UNLIMITED Flip Fotos, as fast as we can print em!

Do you offer any other services with your Flip Fotos?

YES! For an upgrade fee, we can include:

  • Green Screen Custom Digital Backdrop take your guests anywhere in the world! Click here to learn more
  • Custom Prop Package
  • Custom Event Banner