Hey partiers! It seems that all the fantastic party seasons happen all at once! Between proms, grad nights, and weddings, we have been partying so much, we haven’t had time to share it with others. Alas, we can share some of our favorite memories from the past few weeks…

PROMS! Teenagers love Flipbooks so much, they often come back to our station several times during their school dances! One is not enough for these silly high schoolers!



GRAD NIGHTS! Just like proms, so it goes with grad nights as well! Graduating high school is a huge milestone, and what better way to remember your friends and this big accomplishment than with a Flipbook?! Or two or three?!


WEDDINGS! Speaking of big days, weddings are of utmost importance! Here at My Flippin Party, we understand that and strive to bring the absolute best in wedding entertainment! We have been honored to be at a number of weddings this year. <3


We have a blast creating Flipbooks, and our party guests have an even better time! You, too, can forever commemorate your important life event with some fantastic Flipbooks customized to YOU!