Hey flippin’ AWESOME viewers – here’s a riddle for you! What allows adults and children alike to act silly for no reason? What makes it OK to wear feather boas and funny hats? What is the best way for your guests to remember your prom or wedding day? Are you ready for the answer?! A Flipbook Mobile Station!

Our Flipbook Station is even BETTER than a Photobooth! Instead of photos, you take a video and instead of getting a photo, you get a Flipbook! Just like a standard Photobooth, we provide a wide variety of silly props to take the awesome-level up a notch! Your guests will never look better than when they wear that leopard mask or pirate hat and blow kisses to the camera.

What’s also fantastic is that we also provide a custom cover free of charge as well! So not only can your guests look their best as they dance like stars for the camera, but they can remember YOU by doing it! Flipbook covers can include the guest of honor’s name, date, and photo.

Flipbooks are a hit with adults AND children. Many people make two or three Flipbooks during the same event! They are the best entertainment because they are both fun during the event and party favors to remember they day! Call now to book your next flippin’ party!

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